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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 10, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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humidity will drop off, the temps will as well, then we have changes to tell you about in your microclimate for the weekend. those numbers coming up. and the end of the week, also the beginning of your commute. slowing through the tri-valley and on track, that flat tire on 580, see how that's affecting your speed coming up. peek outside this morning, starting off our thursday on a beautiful, live look at the bay bridge this morning. illuminated in its glory, it's thursday, july 10th, this is "today in the bay." from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." very good thursday morning to you, thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. medical marijuana supporters are uniting today protesting san jose's new restriction on pot clubs. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez live at san jose city hall. protesters are going to start gathering at noon and start handing out coupons. >> reporter: yes, they want to hand out vouchers for folks to get free medical marijuana
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evaluations, just one of the ways they're trying to make for a very lively gathering out here, outside of san jose city hall in anticipation of next week. what could be shut down of the majority of the pot clubs here in the city. the city now has some of the strictest rules regarding marijuana dispensaries including where they can set up shop and the hours they can keep. and the regulations are what dispensary owner says are unrealistic. among the requirements, they must grow pot on site and in santa clara county and around the clock security. no one under the age of 18 is allowed in and no one can use pot in the store. in addition to gathering for a protest here at city hall. marijuana advocates say they also want people to sign a petition to put their own regulations before voters. more than one of those dispensary owners say they have enough signatures to do that already, though that has not been filed. while shutting down the majority
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of the existing pot clubs in the city will cut into the $5 million in tax revenue, the majority of people who live in san jose and have been pulled into the city say repeatedly they want rules in place to keep pot out of the hands of kids and to cut down on the crime they say happens around those dispensaries. the cannabis collectives who people to rally here at city hall between noon and 7:00 today are sweetening the pot so to speak, they're handing out vouchers so folks can get free medical evaluation for medical marijuana cards. we'll have to see whether or not that materializes into a bigger crowd and a protest out here at city hall. reporting live in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> sweetening the pot, i see what you did there, thanks kris. 5:02 right now. happening today, president obama will make a quick fund raising trip in texas before heading back to washington, d.c. yesterday he met with texas officials and religious leaders to talk about the crisis on the u.s.-mexico border. the president did not tour the
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border himself, he instead calls on lawmakers to approve his $3.7 billion request for emergency spending at the border. public forum will be held tonight following the decision not to charge the deputy who shot and killed 13-year-old andy lopez. on tuesday, # # 00 protesters gathered outside the courthouse to express their anger about that decision. the district attorney says the deputy was justified in last october's shooting because the deputy thought lopez had a real assault rifle. . turned out to be a replica. tonight's forum is at 6:00 at the santa rosa veteran's memorial building. firefighters have pinpointed where the fire at an acclaimed restaurant started. investigators say monday's fire started outside manresa near some garbage cans. exact cause still unknown however. the fire caused nearly a quarter million in damage. manresa's owners plan to build and reopen, that is expected to
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take months. dead a crucial vote in richmond could give the chevron refinery a $1 billion facelift. nobody everybody's happy about it. stephanie chuang is live outside the refinery. stephanie, dozens were in a heating meeting last night. >> reporter: good morning to you, scott. at issue here, opponents of the project are worried that this could create more pollution, but the company says this would lead to cleaner, safer refinery and supporters, others say that this could lead to hundreds of jobs in the area. the city listened to both sides at the 6:30 meeting last night at kennedy high, was passed. the city has to decide whether to certify chevron's final impact report submitted last month. and whether to grant a conditional use permit this would allow chevron to move forward with this project so to speak which is set to expand the refinery's ability to process
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crude oil as well as oil with higher levels of sulfur. >> the modernization project is a billion dollar investment in the refinery. it is a reliability project that allows us to replace some of the old process og equipment within the refinery. >> reporter: and old equipment was one major problem identified by federal regulators at the chemical safety board after the august 2012 refinery fire here in richmond that sent an estimated 15,000 people in the area to seek medical treatment. the fed said it was a catastrophic type failure and its report released in may concluded that the company did not regularly or vigorously apply safer technology which it could have. so last night, the city was able to hear from dozens of people, that be lasted for hours. tonight it is set to hold another special meeting here in richmond and could, is expected actually to vote on how to move forward with this refinery
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project. live in richmond this morning, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> all right stephanie, thank you. it's 5:05, now the giants are looking to enforce a new dress code and if people don't follow, they could get ejected from the park. live look where fans showing up today's game. we'll be hearing about the new potential rules. "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us live there this morning. bob the new ban is aimed at culturely inappropriate clothing. >> reporter: yes, good morning, laura. san francisco giants is considering a ban on attire that it could be culturely and sensitive because of an incident that happened here at at&t park a few mondays ago. june 23rd, that was native american heritage night. during the game, a woman who is native american confronted a white man wearing a plastic red, white, and blue head dress. you can see here this in this picture. she explained that it was offensive. he agreed to hand it over, but when she refused to give it back, security showed up and
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this happened. the woman whose name is april negret ended up in a scuffle with san francisco police. they returned the hetd resz back to the group, detained her and ticked her out for quote, unruly behavior. same for a native american man shooting this video who posted this on youtube under eradicating offensive native mascot traits. both he and the woman were released with no charges filed. no arrests. she eventually wrote an article for huffington post explaining her position and what happened that night. and apparently the san francisco giants have taken what she wrote to heart because the organization is reportedly looking into instituting this new rule that would ban culturely insensitive attire and general offensive behavior, violators would be ejected from the game. it's just a proposal, nothing yet set in stone. reporting live here at at&t park, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> all right, thanks so much, bob. well, let's talk weather. you were talking about the moon
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earlier -- >> it was gorgeous this morning. >> set by now, but man, it was huge. let's check in with meteorologist christina loren. >> you're right huge, we're going to keep that humidity coming in as well. good morning to you, we do have a little bit of that midlevel cloud cover to show you right off the bat. thanks for waking up with us each and every morning, ian in the summer time, maybe you are off work with the kids for today, well, you know what, it's one of those days if you want to get them outdoors, not too hot, not too humid, just about average for the entire bay area. 59 degrees to start date in san francisco, we're at 59 at redwood city this morning, let me show you where the low clouds are because the clear shot of the moon, yeah definitely going to become more obstructed throughout the next couple hours and the thick low clouds continue to move on shore. right now where you see the deep gray, that's where we have the heavy pockets. drizzle at the immediate coast. here in san jose, mostly clear, just about everywhere else, we have plenty of low cloud cover to go around this morning. as we head throughout the day today, we'll see a few midlevel
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clouds and it'll still be stickier than average out there, but definitely notice thing the humidity. dropping by about half of what we had yesterday. that's good news if you are sick of the humidity. it makes you sweat more. 76 degrees for the north bay, east shore's at 75, just to want give you a preview of what's coming your way through the weekend. no major swings in sight when it comes to your temperatures. overall looking really comfortable in the south bay for saturday and sunday. and it will be warm on the east shore and in san francisco, warm enough for you to hit the beach, but not too hot, good-looking weather here. couple things to tell you about though. free events for you and the family this weekend, stick around, we'll tell you what's going on. but first, work for the weekend, and you have to get to work on time. the man who can help you out, i know him, i know him, mike inouye. >> sometimes fill in for him, you know what i'm talking about. the traffic which moves very smoothly right now, you do have a lot of companies here. westbound 580 eastbound past el
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charro, that is clear looking at the maps. smooth drive at the dublin interchange. earlier storm has also cleared. approaching springtime where we had an earlier car with a flat tire, chp retired, generally the pattern we see anyway. some folks getting off, others sticking on here. we have a few more lanes as you travel in towards 580, 680. south bay itself moves nicely. that moves nicely. 880 showing slowing coming off 17. we have construction crews in the area, and they might be moving some equipment, that might be what's registering there. live look and show you the 101 representative of really pretty much anything like this or lighter throughout the south bay. easy drive round out portion of san jose. santa clara, we're looking at the map again as we zoom out. easy drive across the san mateo bridges. the bay bridge will get caught up late in the morning commute. we'll stend back to you. >> thank you, mike.
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less than 30 minutes the nominees for the prime time emmy awards will be announced. >> best drama include, hpbo's true detective and house of cards. final season of breaking bad could also get a nod. as for the comedies, another netflix show orange is the new black could get a nomination. love that one. as well as brooklyn 99 and hbo's silicon valley. >> sounds like good shows to watch. 5:11, tsa could make your next trip to the airport tougher. planning up for this. would you get in line? the world's largest water slide ready to open this morning. nbc bay area, honored with three national awards for excellence in breaking news coverage, feature reporting, and public service in television journalism. all from the society of professional journalists. nbc bay area, we investigate.
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you're watching "today in the bay." welcome back everyone, it's 5:13, oakland businessman convicted of economic eps nauj will be sentenced today. walter lou sold dupont's trade secrets on making cars, taking a number of other items to chinese government for $28 million. prosecutors are pushing for him to spend 22 years in prison, but his lawyer wants a five-year sentence saying dupont does not suffer any financial harm. his wife faces the same charges, but is still awaiting trial. new security measures for international flights heading to the u.s. are now in place for some domestic flights. the tsa wi start asking some passengers to turn on all their electronic devices before going through security at certain airports across the country. the tsa is not saying which airports. the worry is terrorists have been developing new bomb-making
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technology. if a device does not power up, it will not be allowed on the plane. new measure will target people on the terror watch list. the tsa started the practice earlier this month on international flights bound for the u.s. early this morning, ibm revealed what's next for the company. the silicon valley chip maker also out of new york of course says it'll spend $3 billion over the next five years to advance chip technology. the company's trying to keep up with demand for cloud computing and big data system. the dow starts below 17,000, but look at how the markets are doing this morning, let's turn to bertha coombs, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, scott. and it looks like it's going to fam lower still investors are spooked a bit by disappointing economic data from asia and europe also rumors about portuguese banks may have some debt troubles. stocks rose for the first time in three days on wednesday after minutes of last month's fed
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meeting suggesting that the bank is going to end the program this fall because is it thinks the economy remains on track. data on unemployment filings in just a few minutes, but the dow on pace to lose all of yesterday's gains when he rose 78 points, and we'll start well below 16,985, the same story for the nasdaq which added 27 and well below 4419. u.s. attorney general eric holder is refusing to meet with bank of america ceo brian monahan as the bank tries to resolve a probe into allegations it sold bad mortgages. reports say hoerld told b of a that they are tahoe far apart for the meeting to be productive right now. bank of america and the justice department have not met since mid-june. last fall, jamie diamond met with holder in washington just before the bank reached a $13 billion mortgage settlement. we'll see if the rhetoric may be
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gets the stalemate broken a little bit here. back to you. >> all right, bertha, thank you. talk giants this morning, they are teaming up with paypale to give fans special discounts. if you check in municipal stadium with your paypal app, you get half off parking and specialty parking up front. there's also a number of restaurant thals give you $5 off your order. other perks, they'll deliver your order to your seat after your first purchase. the palpal app subpoena free to download. >> i like going just for the dinner. baseball's fun too, but, well you just pop in. you can just pop in and have food, watch the game, it's easy, it's fun. >> all right. let's check in with meteorologist christina loren. >> it is a good time. municipal stadium, five bucks to get in. compared to the giants tickets, oh, a lot more reasonable. and also what's cool is whenever we see the guys hit the d list,
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disabled list, they go down there to rehab. you're seeing them in beautiful, san jose. and good morning to you in the silicon valley and all across the bay area. we are going to get spoiled this weekend. it's that time of year when the people down in socal wish they would have moved to the bay area. 62 degrees in san francisco. it's going to be hot and sticky down there. meanwhile, our pattern is entirely changing. we are going to see that dry air mass that we're so acustomed to here in the bay area, return as we head throughout tomorrow, sticky out there for today, but definitely, not as bad as yesterday. taking a live look at ocean beach. you can see we have a low clouds overhead, but the fog is not that thick. you can actually make out the lights there in the parking lot. tiberon stocked in with fog at this hour. and san francisco home of the giants coming off of a big win last night. they're back at it today for a day game, we're going look close at that forecast in just a minute because the wind will play an impact. you can see now the flags not
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getting much pick up at all. that's going to change. stick around, we'll tell you what's coming there. 65 in san francisco, and 76 degrees out in the north bay. a lot's happened across the bay area as we get into your weekend. great looking weekend shaping up for you. as we get into the your saturday, in the south bay, low 80s for you, drier air as well. and in san francisco area, hard to beat, temperatures in the upper 60s, all weekend lock. really comfortable conditions, and here's the deal. no triple digits, no extremes in sight. so far, the summer's been nice, mike. hopefully it'll stay that way. remember the shades, definitely necessary with all that moisture in our atmosphere. >> blue blockers, i like those. helps you see. looking over here, the bay bridge moves nicely right now and there's no back-up. i mean a smooth drive off the curve, low clouds, they're not so low today, easy drive, but we're watching as the fog might develop. christina's talking about more moisture driving in here. the bay bridge, we have a nice
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drive across and towards san francisco, and keep in mind, late in the commute, things will ease off earlier today, and maybe then tuesday for example, but we're looking at a midday traffic drive in there because of the giant's game, 12:45 is when you'll see more traffic building up towards the city and this will be popular and so will at&t park. also postgame in the midafternoon where some folks are trying to make a getaway on a thursday. rest of your bay, easy drive around that, and the dunn barton bridge, easy drive there. livermore out of the pass, typical pattern and the south bay, northbound, 101 just shows volume increase north towards 880, that's a little dip in the speeds there. rest of the bay still good for this portion. we'll get a look at palo alto where it's moving past university up into san francisco. you are heading to the midday, caltrans which goes along the freeway will take you right to the ball park, good option for you today, back to you. >> thank you. now to an investigative unit exclus forgive accidents to speeding violations.
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the investigative unit goes undercover to looking at driving records of bay area cab drivers. riding in a dozen cabs in just one day, the unit found only two of the 12 cabbies had a clean driving record. one driver had nine citations in the last year and a half. three of those were for speeding. the san francisco knew nis pal transportation agency overcease taxis in the city. the agency says it regularly receives tax yip drivers record from the dmv and can suspend a driver's permit. >> so as policy, if someone has nine citations, three of which were for speeding, should they be behind the wheel? >> i think we'd have to look at every situation in that yes, if it's a matter of public safety and that's a concern. >> now tonight, the investigative unit reveals dozens more of the violations, even found a convicted sex offender behind the wheel of a cab. you can watch the full investigation tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area news. okay, switching gears, are
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you brave enough? the world's largest water slide opens up this morning in kansas city. >> brave journalist just got the chance to try out, it's called the vurakut. it's 17 stories high. takes a whooping 264 steps to reach the top. i think that's where you lose me. you have to be 14 years old to ride, here we go, and the speeds are at 65 miles an hour, and you get very wet. >> the first drop was like really scary, i was like, oh. >> i close mideyes the whole time. >> so it takes 20 seconds to go from the top to the bottom. opening was delayed three times for fine tuning. >> oh, yeah. >> may give a couple weeks. >> great for the journalist. 5:22 right now. country legend garth brooks set to make a big announcement, details next. at 1-800-dentist, we're about one thing. helping you find a dentist you'll want to go to
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for the rest of your life. we've helped over 8 million people find that dentist, and we can do the same for you. call 1-800-dentist today. ♪
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you're watching "today in the bay." and welcome back to you, live picture from san jose city hall, 5:24, protest today. tresing closure of pot clubs, we'll continuen to cover that. meanwhile, country superstar garth brooks getting ready for a new tour? >> he recently changed saying he would be making a big anoungsment at 9:00 this morning. many people are speculating he's going to come out of retirement and go on a world tour. now if that's true, it would be brooks's first world tour in 13 years. the country superstar retired back in 2001 to raise his three daughters. he ranked behind also elvis and presley and the beatles in the u.s. album sales. >> really? >> that's so cool. i did not know that. i knew he was big -- >> friends in low places. and in high places. world cup is finally set. >> argentina eliminated the
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netherland yesterdayed to set up a third meeting with germany in a world cup final. they faced each other back in 1986 and '90. each taking home a championship. kickoff is going to be sunday at noon. then following the world cup, soccer fans around the world can stick around for robocup, it's an international robot soccer tournament. the goal of the annual event is to create a robot team able to beat a human world cup winner by 2050. the machines come in all shapes and sizes from small wheeled ones to a five foot tall human-like one. but eventually they want to play against real people. bay area refine have i working to bring -- refinery is working to bring a new refineries in. verdict has arrived in the bryan stow civil trial against the dodgers. but the the courtroom battle not over just yet.
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we'll have details next. the bay bridge, it does not get more spectacular than that. we'll look forward to a great day from christina coming up in just a bit.
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we are learning details about the high end prostitute accused of killing a tech. new twist after a dog is found in ve knee that with a word written free on herred so i. why the woman who found her must now give her up. and good morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren, changes coming your way today, the humidity will drop off, your dmp temperatures -- temperatures as well, we have changes to tell you about as we dive into that all important weekend. your forecast is just moments away. and as that commute builds, the slowing continues to grow on the maps. incident for the bay bridge getting into san francisco, we'll give you that look coming up as well. and a live look outside this morning, back to the bay bridge, thursday, july 10th, this is
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"today in the bay." from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." good morning everyone, thank you for joining us, i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. today medical marijuana supporters are protesting new restrictionings put out by san jose. the city is forcing pot club to shut down starting next week. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez live where protesters will actually start gathering around noon, good morning, kris. >> reporter: hi there laura, they're gathering around noon and expect to rally outside san jose city hall until about 7:00 and in order to increase their numbers, they are offering people free vouchers for medical marijuana evaluations. just to encourage them to show their support. the city now has some of the strictest rules regarding marijuana dispensaries in the bay area including where they can set upshot and how they can run. among the requirements, dispensaries must grow within the county in select industrial areas, they have to have around
5:31 am
the clock security, although they can only be opened select hours during the day. no one under the age of 18 can be inside that dispensary and no one can use any kind of marijuana in the store. in addition to gathering for a protest at city hall today, advocates are asking people to sign that petition to put their own regulations before voters. more than one of the dispensary owners that i've talked with say they have enough signatures to do that already, although it has not been filed with the city clerk just yet. while shutting down the majority of existing pot clubs in the city we'll certainly cut into the $5 million of revenue the city has gotten, majority of people pulled -- polled in the city say they want rules in place to keep pot out of the hands of kids, and to cut down on the crime they say happens around the dispensaries in town. cannabis want people to rally are asking them to show up between noon and 7:00 today. again, the first 1,000 people
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who show up will get vouchers to get a free medical marijuana evaluation. reporting live in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thank you so much, kris. we have new details on that high end prostitute accused of killing a google executive. forest hayes may not have been call girl alix tichelman's only victim. yesterday tichelman was charged with felony manslaughter. detectives say she injected hayes with a deadly dose of heroin last november. they think she's done this before as they investigated hayes's death, they discovered she had another male companion who also happened to dprie an heroin overdose. it's 5:32, the fight is not over, defense attorneys say they plan to appeal the verdict in the civil case surrounding injured giant's fan bryan stow after four weeks of testimony and nine days of deliberations, the jury decided the los angeles dodgers share responsibility for those injuries alon with his
5:33 am
attackers louis sanchez and marvin norwood. they were convicted of assault earlier this year. the jury decided they should pay him nearly $15 million. 13.7 for economic losses since stow will never be able to work again, and another million for pain and suffering. former team owner frank mccourt was not part of the jury decision, stow brutally beaten in the parking lot of a dodgers stadium three years ago. it was a packed house for hours in richmond as people voiced their frustrations to city leaders about the new chevron refinery project. the $1 billion facelift is set to modernize the refinery. stephanie, the the two sides remain very split on how to go forward. >> reporter: oh yes, that's right, good morning to you, scott. you know, especially with it being such a big project and renting the fire that sent a large plume up in the skies here in richmond after the refinery
5:34 am
behind me, it's an unnerving topic for so many in the area. last night's special meeting in here in richmond, the city's planning commission heard from both sides listening to dozens of people for hours on the issue. the company says the modernization project relieves to a cleaner, safer refinery by allowing it to expand its ability to process crude oil without any increase of toxic air con ttaminants emission, bu opponents are still doubtful. >> that's a whole quarter starting from richmond going out to martinez andby knee that that have affected people in that zone. and so this is really not just a richmond issue, it's also a regional issue. >> reporter: now one thing though supporters also saying this could lead to hundreds of jobs. meantime chevron's richmond refinery had two fires in five years.
5:35 am
one in 2007 that led to a shelter in place for the community, and of course this one you're seeing in august of 2012 that sent an estimated 15,000 people to get medical treatment. a federal investigation concluded that the company did not apply safer technology which it could and should have. now the next step, planning commission must decide whether to approve environmental impact reports and give the companies a conditional use permit which would give it the green light to move forward with that project. and that decision could come tonight at another special meeting by the planning commission where it is expected is to vote on how to move forward with this. live in richmond this morning, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> all right stephanie, thank you. meanwhile tonight,by knee that will hold a public hearing on virginia lair row's plan to bring in crude oil by train. recent report found the crude by rail project would have a significant and unavoidable impact on air quality and biological resources.
5:36 am
tonight's hearing happens at 7:00 at the city hall. no action will be taken tonight. if approved, they would be allowed to take two 50 tanker car trains of crude oil into and out of benetia every day. it is currently shipped in, but done by boat. the owner of that booked dog with the word free written across its body has come forward. >> a yoe low county -- yolo county woman says she has no idea how her dog got out or who wrote all over it. she showed up with the vet records and photo pos to prove the dog is hers. they don't think the woman played a part in the dog's abuse and abandonment. she will get the dog back. the woman who found the dog is understandably upset. >> when i first found the dog we my instant reaction was let's find who did this and hopefully find it a good home. and then i ended up being that good home. and then, nobody found who did
5:37 am
it, even though they had leads, they didn't do the anything about it. >> the dog was found last week, it had writing all over its body, free and good home and that kind of thing. >> just wanted to take care of the four legged friends out there. >> good morning to walk the dog, let's check in with meteorologist christina loren. hey good morning, always a good morning here in the bay area. typically overnight all the temperatures dropped to about the same levels, and this morning we are starting out with plenty of 50s, happy thursday, we're so close to the weekend now, we made it together. taking a live look here at san jose, and our camera here is shaking a little bit from time to time. we have a south wind as it moves from south to north, it's actually bringing in that garlic smell this morning. right here in the south bay. looking live now at san francisco, we have a full deck of clouds overhead and we're starting to see the wind pick up a little bit. it's going to continue to pick up as we head throughout the day. maybe even impact the game. as we head throughout this afternoon, day game at at&t park, we'll showout the forecast
5:38 am
for that coming up as we head throughout the day, these are your temperatures, 78 degrees for the peninsula. 82 for the south bay, 66 degrees in san francisco. 69 in the east shore and 79 today in the north bay. always trying to tell you about events happening across the bay area. today will be nice, tomorrow, maybe payoff the evening off, they're going to have a free movie night in san rafael. they're showing despicable me 2 at peacock gap park. 66 dwre-- degrees. both hands on the wheel, right mike? yeah, we to want drive better man the minnons. over here, no troubles at the toll plaza, but there's a slight back-up. look at the other camera we have pointing towards treasure island, westbound you will find slowing just into the treasure island tunnel. there'ses a car that ran out of gas, that's your left lane, let's look at the map towards the tunnel. bridge crew is there. the approach moving nicely. there's some debris, plastic bin in north 680.
5:39 am
not a problem right now. here's the slow down typical for the tri-valley. golden gate bridge without a problem, back to you. it is 5:38, the fight at u.s.-mexico border continues this morning. president obama getting ready to leave texas without ever visiting the border. texas governor rick perry is saying, coming up. and a live look at hollywood where just in a few minutes they're going to announce the emmy nominations.
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well happening right now, we have a live look for you at hollywood where ak tress mindi -- actresses and mindi and carson daley are about to announce the nominees. let's listen in. >> "today's show host," and host of the voice. mindi carson, thank you so much for being here this morning. the stage is yours. >> thank you, bruce. good morning, mindi.
5:42 am
>> good morning. >> you look lovely. >> you look lovely as always, this is very exciting. >> thank you. >> let's get to it. >> that sounds good. >> lead actor in a drama series, and the nominees are, brian kranstone, breaking bad, jeff daniels, john hamm, woody haroldson, true detective, matthew mcconaughey, and kevin spacey, house of cards. >> the nominees for lead actress in a drama series are, lizzy capland, claire danes, homeland, michelle dock erie, abby, carrie washington scandal, and robin wright, house of cards. >> the nominees for lead actor in a mini series or movie are, benedict couplerback.
5:43 am
>> the nominees for lead actress in a mini series or movie are. >> the nominees for lead actor in a comedy series are -- >> the nominees for lead actress in a comedy series are --
5:44 am
>> the nominees for variety series are -- >> here are this year's nominees for reality competition program. the amazing race. "dancing with the stars." "project runway." "so you think you can dance." "top chef." and "the voice." >> outstanding mini series, the nominees are. american horror story. bonnie and clyde, fargo, luther,
5:45 am
terme, and the white clean. >> nominees for outstanding television movie are, killing kennedy, mohammad ally's greatest fight, the normal heart, sherlock, his last vow, and the trip to bountiful. >> carson, let's complete the nominations by bringing back bruce's final two categories. >> the nominations in the comedy series category are, "the big bang theory." "louis." "modern family." "orange is the new black." "silicon valley." and "veep." game of thrones, house of cards,
5:46 am
madmen, and true detective. mindi, carson, thank you for joining us today. we appreciate your help. >> so there you go, the emmy nominations are in. lots of interesting things to watch there that, some of them i've not heard of, silicon valley, we just saw consider this hbo's new valley takes a not so serious valley of what's going on here in the bay area. fans big on this one. looks like hollywood is too. netflix continues to please, house of cards getting the new recognition. the political drama getting another nod in the best drama. total of three nominations last year. it was a break through nominee at emmy the first-ever only online program to receive a nomination. now that's routine. the company also being recognized for orange is the new black. the dram i did building up momentum for netflix's strong streaming programming. the prime time awards air on nbc bay area august 25th, late night
5:47 am
host seth myers will host for the first time. netflix broke one barrier last year, it'll be interesting to see if it goes even further this year. takes home an award. we'll have toe wait until next month in to see. from good shows to real life. the president in austin, texas, this morning. he will speak at a democratic fundraiser before flying back to washington, d.c. now the one thing he won't do is visit the u.s.-mexico border. >> he has shown in colorado drinking a beer and he can't go 242 miles to the texas border? >> how can off humanitarian crisis as the white house called this and not to want go see it for yourself? >> i'm not interested in photo ops. i'm interested in solving a problem. >> now the president thinks what is really needed is more money. he wants congress to approve $3.7 billion to increase border security and feed and house the thousands of women and children
5:48 am
awaiting processing. he conveyed that to texas governor rick perry in a closed door meeting yesterday. >> we're not sure how much of that money's going to come for border security, and i think that's the real rub here. the president can send a message without even going to congress, he can pick up the phone to the dod and have a thousand national guard troops temporarily assigned to the border, and the message gets stoent central america very quickly. and that is what i think, if the president's serious about addressing this issue, if the president is serious about border security, he can pick up the phone and have it started tomorrow. >> today lawmakers will talk to the homeland security department and the state department about the president's plan to send more money to the border. homeland security secretary jay johnson is in gaut mat la this morning, hit just signed a pair of agreements to the minister to get the immigrants out of the u.s. and back across the border. united nations has been hoping the u.s. would classify them as
5:49 am
refugees making them eligible for asylum. back to washington where an industrial spill closed rather the house of representatives side of the u.s. capitol building. all lawmakers and aids who work on the side, the house side, have been told to stay away as we take a live look here. nbc is reporting the spill happened when workers were removings a bes toes from the fourth floor. it's not clear how it'll affect the house. it's scheduled to vote this afternoon and evening to approve spending bills to fund the energy and treasury departments. we will keep our eye on this situation, let you know as things develop. meantime, christina is keeping an eye on the forecast for us. >> yeah, it's going to be nice, and we made it to thursday, tomorrow we meet back here, it will be friday, the sun will come out tomorrow my friends. 5:49 and you'll be able to see it. not expecting a lot of low cloud cover as we wake up and meet back here tomorrow morning as the winds are going to pick up. this morning, plenty of low clouds to go around.
5:50 am
they span all the way inland. taking a live look at your temperatures right now. we are in the upper 50s, couple low 60s out there, san francisco, you are waking up with 62 degrees and you're only going to climb into the upper 60s as the we frog throughout -- progress throughout your day. overall, it's going to be nice out there. temperatures right now, 62 in san francisco, 60 across the by that oakland. i want to show you what it looks like in san francisco. it's still dark, but we don't have the fog settled right to the surface. it is going to be a little overcast to start. we're definitely noticing that in pacifica this morning. meanwhile the sky is in san jose. all we have is a few midlevel clouds overhead. really looking towards comfortable conditions. we're going top cut that humidity off, basically slicing it in half to what we experienced yesterday. this is where the low clouds are right now, they span into the valley spots and moved a little bit further inland over the past 15 minutes or so. so here's where we're headed as we get into the afternoon. by 1:00 in san francisco, those giants back at it, 63 degrees.
5:51 am
it will be nice and clear at that point, what we are expecting from the weather in today's game, a west wind at tone 15 miles per hour. you're going watch for the flags to blow out towards center field and yeah,ou can always catch that game on our sister station, comcast sportsnet bay area. temperatures for today in the low 80s in your inland valley, peninsula's at 7 and 65 in san francisco. getting into the next couple days, temperatures really staying level. we are going to warm you up a touch as we meet back here next week. overall, not too bad. we hit that week stride, mike, over to you. and we're hitting the sweet stride for the commute which means we're slowing in typical spots. i guess we should say the sweet paerntd, northbound 101, no surprises here at 680. the stretch between 680 and 880 is where we see the orange, that means speed comes down below 50. that's the first bursts to ease up and kick in again over the next half hour. 87 shows early slowing. no incidents reported for the
5:52 am
area. we'll look at those, tri-valley, westbound 580 shows a slower drive just below 60 miles per hour through dublin and 84 moving slower there, but no crashes, yesterday we had a crash late until the morning commute right around, prertty early around the g plant. smooth drive right now. interchange towards the maize, moving smoothly. crash west 80 at hercules. that should move quickly to the shoulder right now, sticking out into the slow lane. bay bridge, let's show you the toll plaza. the toll plaza are now on, but that car that was out of gas at treasure island has cleared from the roadway. better news into san francisco and the golden gate bridge. quick look here, no problems, back to you. >> thank you very much. this morning, man is in jail accused of killing six people, four of whom were his own children. investigators in spring, texas, say the suspect opened fire inside his home last night. among the dead, two boys, two
5:53 am
girls. the youngest, just four years old. two adults were also killed. the man also shot his 15-year-old daughter, but she was able to call for help. warning authorities her father was on his way to her grandparents home, possibly to kill them as well. the suspect eventually sur rendered to police after a three-hour stabbedoff. investigators say it appears the man was upset over a breakup in the family. 5:53, fans headed to at&t park may have to follow a new dress code. this stems from an incident at at&t park on native american heritage night. this woman who is a native american says a group of men were handing out fake heads res. it was disrespectful, they did, but she didn't give it back. sop security was called in. she and a friend who filmed the incident were cuffed, detained, and ejected from the park. the giants say they're working on a final wording on the ban. "today in the bay's" bob redell will have more in the next half hour. in the men time, 5:53.
5:54 am
san francisco cop getting the good-looking convict a run for his money, next. ♪ 737. 737. right there? you guessed it. how do we save on operational costs? with the world's largest fleet of boeing 737's. one of the many ways we bring you $69 airfares. limited time sale fares starting as low as $69 one-way. if it matters to you, it matters to us. book now at ♪
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you're watching "today in the bay." remember that hot convict that made national headlines last month for his sultry mug shot? got a little competition. >> yeah from the good guys. this morning we're going to hear from the hot cop of the castro, otherwise known as chris korhs. he's become a social media star thanks to photos. . and a man who made him a facebook fan page. >> chris himself was not on facebook. no one had a forum to show their appreciation for him. so, i thought it would be fun just to create one, it took me five minutes no, big deal.
5:57 am
and that got the ball rolling. >> since then he's gotten over 13,000 likes on facebook. he also hear he's getting officer to be on magazine covers and tv shows. we'll have reaction from the officer and his newfound name tonight at 5:00 on the news in the afternoon. so there. >> there, go do something bad. 5:57, house of representatives actually closed as a major industrial spim on -- spill on capitol hill this morning. going on right now, we'll have the latest details. plus the giants could implement a dress code after this incident. we'll have details on the controversial decision coming up in a live report. new video of the rescue of a humpback whale. what crews had to do to save its life. after people find a dentist through us,
5:58 am
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we're going to tell you why supporters will hand out free vouchers in front of san hoesz city hall. refinery resistance. in richmond, why people are banding together against a billion dollar upgrade. good thursday morning you, i'm meteorologist christina loren, changes coming to your forecast for today. that humidity will d-back, comfy finish for tomorrow. then we have changes to tell you about as we dive into that all important weekend. those numbers in moments. and changes already at the bay bridge. we have that stall blocking the lane, that cleared at treasure island, metering lights are on and the east shore freeway shows another crash. we'll talk about that lanes coming up next. let's take a live look outside this morning, this time from the south bay. you made it to thursday morning, it is july 10th, and this is "today in the bay." from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." well good morning everyone, thank you for joining us, happy thursday, i'm scott m


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